This paper is divided into three uneven sections. The first offers a “soft” manifesto-like exposition of parapoetics; the second discusses a related matter: the paralogicality of the frame; and the final section comprises a partial mapping of and a few suggestions toward areas of potential parapoetic investigation. Judged on the normative criteria for academic papers it is premature, partial at best and thoroughly inconclusive. Seen as attempting to realize a parapoetics intervention it will be judged to be an utterly abortive attempt –and quite correctly so. However, as the speculative and tentative tenor of the first part indicates, the third part is a probe into uncertainties and unknowns. Notably absent is any lengthy discussion of the important architectural contributions of the Situationists. That discussion can be found in my article on the radical labyrinths of Constant, and Arakawa and Gins.
Como citar McCaffery Steve. 2019. “PARAPOETICS AND THE ARCHITECTURAL LEAP”. Revista Laboratorio 4.

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